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King of the Spring Finale

Turkey hunting skills competition goes down to final gobble

Terry Drury tries to comeback and defeat brother Mark to win Terry Drury tries to comeback and defeat brother Mark to win 'King of the Spring' title.

By: Mike Suchan,

Terry Drury needs a big final day if he expects to beat his younger brother, Mark.

Finding out which will become “King of the Spring” plays out tonight at 10:30 ET on Outdoor Channel.

Terry and Chris Comstock of Team T-Bird trail Mark and Steve "Coon Dog" Coon of Team Mad Dog 667.05 to 637.98, but they can make up the deficit in the final challenge of the series, the Sleep-In Flydown.

First up on the episode is the final Ram Trucks skill competition called Head Games, and it’s a simple one-shot each patterning test – get the most pellets in a vitals of a turkey target.

“It’s really about knowing your optic, knowing your gun and knowing exactly where that pattern’s going to hit the target,” Mark said.

“Chris Comstock sighted these in. I’ve got confidence in his ability,” Terry said. “All we’ve got to do is sit down and pull the trigger.”

“Comstock and Terry haven’t shot their guns --- they haven’t shot their guns at all,” Mark said before shooting. “Do we even have to count them?”

Team Mad Dog’s 98-64 victory added another 10 points to their total, but Team T-Bird has four tags it can fill while Mark’s team only has one left.

“We’re up by like 40 points, and feeling pretty good. They haven’t punched a tag yet. Are they going to start now?” Mark said as he shrugged his shoulders. “If they go out and kill two birds, three birds, four birds, we’re simply out of the race.

“We have literally filled every tag in our pocket except for one. Hopefully Coon Dog can kill his Iowa turkey and hopefully they don’t kill anything.”

Terry knows it’s now or never, and the challenge of getting a bird after it has already flown off the roost just adds another layer of difficulty.

“This is the grand finale,” Terry said. “Chris has got two tags, I’ve got two tags. This is one we have to get serious and get a bird on the ground.”

Watch tonight to see what happens.

For video on the "King of the Spring" finale, CLICK HERE.

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