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Swamp People Meet Freaks

Landrys hunt at Kiskys for whitetail freak called 'Kickstand'

Can Jacob Landry of ‘Swamp People Can Jacob Landry of ‘Swamp People' take down the Kiskys' Kickstand?

By: OutdoorChannel.com

Join the Kiskys of “Whitetail Freaks” tonight at 7:30 p.m. ET as the popular whitetail loving family hosts special hunting guests Troy and Jacob Landry's from the History Channel's hit show “Swamp People.”

Young "bucks" Jacob Landry and Kaleb Kisky head out in search of "Kickstand," a mainstay on the Kisky's farm with more “selfies” on the Cuddeback trail cameras than a 15-year-old with a smartphone.

Blind in one eye, he's been an elusive old buck that may have finally met his match when he encounters swamp star Jacob Landry. This laugh-filled episode also features some down home Louisiana Cajun style cooking that y'all don't want to miss!

And if you can understand Troy’s thick Cajun accent or just can’t get enough of his antics, tune in next week as the “Whitetail Freaks” and “Swamp People” adventure continues when Troy plays hide and seek ... with a buck!

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