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Acing Outdoor Survival

Featured Guests: Jay Gregory, Laura Schara, Steve Nessl

(Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav") (Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav")

By: The Revolution with Jim & Trav

Wilderness survival is all but lost in today’s society due to our digital crutch. Sure, if we get lost our GPS app will come in handy, but what happens if you get shot by a poacher, attacked by a bear, or you break your leg traversing through the back country and your iPhone dies? This week on The Revolution, Jim & Trav and a panel of elite pros, will examine in the field survival practices that will aid you in a crisis -such as finding clean water, creating sufficient shelter, starting a fire with a guitar pick, selecting the proper off-road transportation, and more. Joining us for an exclusive two-part interview will be famed outdoorsman and gunshot survivor, Jay Gregory, host of PSE's Wild Outdoors. Then, Laura Schara, co-host of Outdoor Channel's new original series, Survival Science and Steve Nessl, Yamaha's ATV and Side-By-Side Group Marketing Manager. The Revolution and our topic of Acing Outdoor Survival, is presented by Outdoor ChannelSportsman ChannelWorld Fishing Network, and MyOutdoorTV.

Jay Gregory is an avid bowhunter and the host of PSE’S Wild Outdoors on Sportsman Channel. For more than two decades, Jay has documented his hunts on film to let viewers follow along on his outdoor adventures. He is well known for consistently tagging mature bucks with a bow, season after season. However, what many people don’t know about Jay Gregory is his incredible story of survival after being shot in the woods. While out scouting for turkeys in the spring of 1993, Jay came across a hunter in a treestand. The encounter was not friendly, as the hunter yelled and cursed at Gregory as he came down from his treestand. In a matter of minutes, the situation escalated from a verbal confrontation, to ultimately the hunter shouldering his rifle and shooting Jay. Tune in to hear his story as he recounts all of the details leading up to the near fatal encounter and how he survived such a horrific experience. You don’t want to miss this unbelievable story!

Surviving in the great outdoors isn’t achieved with luck, but rather a skill set that can be developed to help you prepare for emergency situations. Tune in to The Revolution as we talk survival with Laura Schara, co-host of the new Outdoor Channel series, Survival Science. Each week, Laura and co-host Nick Mundt, tackle different survival scenarios and show the limits the human body can withstand in the extreme circumstances that mother nature can hand out. Listen as Laura discusses the dos and don’ts of staying safe when you find yourself lost in the wilderness. She’ll explain why survival is partially a mental game and why panicking is counterproductive. Laura will also talk about the importance of mastering fire, finding water, building shelter, whether or not to self-rescue or stay put, and so much more.

Fall is a transitional time for outdoor enthusiasts. Hunting seasons are kicking off, the fishing action is heating up, and the autumn cool down has people ready to enjoy outdoor activities. If you are looking for a trusty companion to help you navigate the backroads this fall, tune in to hear more about Yamaha’s Wolverine R-Spec EPS, as Jim & Trav are joined by Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s ATV and Side-by-Side Group Marketing Manager. Somewhere between sport and utility purposes, the Wolverine offers the best of both worlds making it an incredibly versatile side-by-side that can take you almost anywhere. Tune in to find out more about the Wolverine R-Spec EPS, the built-in comfort and safety features, performance driven design elements, available accessories to customize it to better meet your needs, and so much more. Then, stay tuned, because Steve will tease a new model announcement coming from Yamaha in the beginning of September.

The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 8/10/2017

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