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Review: The Colt Cobra Revolver

Find out why this new Cobra is different from any other Cobra you've ever fired

While the older Cobras were lightweight with an all-alloy frame, the new model is entirely steel. (Photo courtesy of While the older Cobras were lightweight with an all-alloy frame, the new model is entirely steel. (Photo courtesy of

By: Ed Head

It doesn’t make any sense. I’ve always felt uncomfortable and poorly armed when carrying a 5 shot revolver but I’m perfectly happy with a 6 shot. Does that one extra round make a big difference? Let me put it this way; when I was carrying a 5 shot snubbie Smith & Wesson revolver off duty and working in plain clothes the Universal Cop Dream troubled my sleep. There are many variations but mine always involved 5 shot revolvers and included features like running out of ammunition in gun fights, bullets bouncing off bad guys or dribbling out the end of the barrel and other horrifying scenes.

For many years Smith & Wesson and Colt competed in the revolver market and one of the big differences between them was the small S&Ws held 5 rounds while the short- barreled Colts held 6. Unfortunately, Colt got out of the revolver business some years ago and famous small revolvers like the Detective Special and Cobra went away, seemingly forever. But wait, there’s more – Colt now offers a 6 shot, short-barreled revolver in their lineup and we first got a look at it during a writer’s conference at Gunsite this past November. Called the Cobra it’s reminiscent of past Colts even if the name is a bit confusing. You see, the old Cobra was a lightweight revolver with an alloy frame, while this new revolver is all steel. When we got a look at the innards the surprise and confusion kicked up another notch. This new Cobra uses a “V” mainspring and to those of us who have been around for a while that meant one thing only: Python, the revolver everyone hopes Colt will bring back and one of the great revolvers – some say the greatest – of all time. The Colt folks are pretty tight lipped about this possibility but slyly revealed that the Cobra action is “scaleable”.  Stay tuned.

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