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Colt Competition Pistol 9mm

With a suggested retail price of $999, the Colt Competition pistol is a great option for those looking to purchase a genuine Colt product

The Colt Competition Pistol 9mm (Photo courtesy of The Colt Competition Pistol 9mm (Photo courtesy of

By: Ed Head

So there’s a new song running through my head and it goes like this: “What the world needs now is a 1911 in 9mm.” Now 1911 stalwarts get all grumpy about this because, well, 1911s are .45s, dad gum it. On the other hand, as consumers move towards the 9mm manufacturers are producing 1911s in 9mm caliber to remain valid and have something that will sell. I understand outfits like Wilson Combat are selling a lot more 1911s chambered in 9mm these days than .45ACP. The same story is happening at Colt and their 9mm Competition Pistol is one example of the guns they’ve made in both calibers. Across the board, Colt 1911s in 9mm outsell those in .45ACP by a substantial margin.

Why this shift? I think it got started several years ago during the great ammo shortage. As availability declined and prices skyrocketed, shooters gravitated towards calibers that were less expensive to shoot. We saw this shift at Gunsite, as more and more students came to school with a 9. Going through a thousand or more rounds in a week and saving several hundred dollars in ammunition costs prompted this. Too, 9s are easier to shoot and beat you up less, especially during a weeklong class. Even now, with good availability, 9mm ammunition is substantially cheaper than .45ACP, especially when purchased in volume, and 9mm pistols of all kinds outsell the .45 by a big margin.

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