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Adventure 2018: Ready, Set, Hunt

Featured Guests: Steve West, Kevin Steele, Jeremy Mallette

(Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav") (Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav")

By: The Revolution with Jim & Trav

Planning a hunt can be a big endeavor, requiring both time and money to research and make it all a reality. In many cases, it can be a complicated process from navigating the various tag and lottery systems across the country to pinpointing the best destinations and even finding a reputable outfitter. This week on The Revolution we’re diving into the specifics of planning your 2018 outdoor adventures. Find out about prime DIY hunting opportunities across the country, get the how-to’s of applying for tags and listen in for advice from the pros like Steve West of Steve’s Outdoor Adventures, Kevin Steele, publisher of Petersen’s Hunting and Jeremy Mallette from Silencer Shop. Also find out how you can download the Guns & Ammo magazine December digital issue – for free! Make 2018 your best season yet, and start planning now! The Revolution is presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network and MyOutdoorTV.

Hunting opportunities in the American West are endless, but in order to cash in on this wild game rich region, you need to have a plan. Steve West is a professional hunting consultant, guide and the host of Steve’s Outdoor Adventures on Outdoor Channel. He joins The Revolution this week with an in-depth, two-part interview, to lay out the details you need to think about when planning for your next hunting trip. Steve tells Jim and Trav that big game hunters need to book their guided hunts anywhere from 18 to 24 months ahead of time in order to secure their spot in a good camp. When it comes to more budget minded hunters, who would rather save some money and try their luck at a DIY public land hunt, Steve still recommends planning your hunt plenty in advance as there is a lot to think about. Take notes as Steve explains how to go about researching the best state for your hunting pursuits, figuring out tag systems, identifying units with the highest densities of animals and more. He’ll also discuss the importance of proper lodging that can withstand the weather conditions of the West and why it’s smart to hunt with a partner or a group. He’ll then dive into selecting the right caliber for the hunt you are on and he’ll also explain why a shooter’s proficiency with the weapon they are hunting with, combined with the ammunition tasked with bringing the animal down, are crucial to the success of any hunt. Get priceless advice from a seasoned pro, tune in this week for more from Steve West.

Whitetail deer are the most hunted big game animal in North America with some surveys estimating that more than 10.9 million hunters pursue them. Kevin Steele, Publisher of Petersen’s Hunting magazine and the producer of Petersen’s Hunting Adventures on Sportsman Channel, joins The Revolution this week and he says that now is the time to start thinking about your 2018 whitetail pursuits. Kevin tells Jim and Trav that now through March is the prime time to begin the tag application process. While many hunters have their sights set on known whitetail meccas like Illinois, Kevin says that he would advise hunters to concentrate on sleeper states like Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio and Kansas. Hunters will have to do their research by getting online and identifying the application deadlines for the states they want to apply. Kevin will also explain how to find the statistics you need to pinpoint the best whitetail strongholds throughout the states and use that information in order to apply for a tag in the most productive units. Tune in for great tips from Kevin Steele on how to make 2018, your best whitetail season yet!

Hunters across the country are realizing the very real benefits of shooting with a suppressor. If you are one of the many hunters who plans on using a suppressor during the 2018 hunting seasons, there is no time like the present to do some research and find out exactly where it’s legal to hunt with one. Jeremy Mallette with Silencer Shop joins The Revolution this week to help listeners fill in the gaps on what they need to know when it comes to acquiring a suppressor and how to select the right one for their hunting firearm. Jeremy tells Jim and Trav that if hunters don’t already have a suppressor, they need to start looking and purchase one as soon as possible to allow plenty of time for the wait period of approval. He’ll also explain the benefits of registering your suppressor to a trust and how it allows multiple people to legally have possession of the suppressor. Finally, Jeremy talks about how to choose the right suppressor from their huge inventory. He encourages hunters to identify an objective for their rifle, the game they will be pursuing with that rifle and from there, select the suppressor that best suits those needs. Find out more about choosing the right suppressor, the buying process, trusts and so much more – this week on The Revolution.

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