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The Ruger Ranch Rifle .223

Accurate, inexpensive and versatile – the Ruger Ranch Rifle .223 should be taken into consideration if looking for a new firearm in the American Rifle series

The Ruger Ranch Rifle .223 uses an integral bedding system which contributes to the rifle The Ruger Ranch Rifle .223 uses an integral bedding system which contributes to the rifle's accuracy. (Photo courtesy of Down Range TV)

By: Ed Head

You have to hand it to Ruger; they’ve become the most prolific gun manufacturer in America by responding to customer input and producing a staggering number of new models. You might be surprised to know the rifle here under review isn’t considered a new model – it’s an extension of an already very full lineup in the American Rifle series.

The American rifles are 100% American made in Ruger’s Newport, New Hampshire factory. I’ve seen them being built by a long, double row of CNC machines, each performing multiple tasks, with a new rifle being boxed every ... well, I’m not supposed to discuss that so let’s just say they can make a lot of rifles.

I’ve tested a few of these American rifles and all have been tack drivers. With their Ruger Marksman adjustable triggers and cold hammer forged, free floated barrels they represent a real bargain and can often be found at retail for around $400. As I mentioned, Ruger listens to their customers and there have been some suggestions incorporated in this newest Ranch Rifle. The first has to do with the composite stock and that has to do with the use of AR type magazines. To get the rifle to accept these magazines the stock had to be redesigned and reinforced, and, while it looks like the other stocks in the lineup it is more rigid.

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