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Top 10 'Major League Fishing' Bass Fishing Tips

Learn the latest bass fishing strategies and tactics from MLF pro anglers

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1. Coloring Braided Line Black, Tip from James Watson

MLF pro James Watson talks about the advantages of coloring braided line with a black marker. Click here for video.

2. Buzzbait Tips from Jacob Wheeler

MLF pro Jacob Wheeler shares some helpful tips about bass fishing with buzzbaits. Click here for video.

3. Swimbaits 101, Tips from Brandon Palaniuk

MLF pro Brandon Palaniuk sits down in Burkhead's Bullpen to give a 101-lesson about swimbaits. Click here for video.

4. What Crankbait Colors Does Tim Horton Prefer?

MLF pro Tim Horton reveals what crankbait colors he prefers to use and why. Click here for video.

5. Shaky-Head Setup, Tip from Shaw Grigsby

MLF pro Shaw Grigsby talks about how he rigs a shaky-head. Click here for video.

6. Skipping a Jig, Tip from Keith Poche

MLF pro Keith Poche talks about tips and tricks for skipping a jig under boat docks. Click here for video.

7. Use an Extra Split Ring on Topwaters, Tip from Brent Chapman

MLF pro Brent Chapman talks about using an extra split ring on topwater baits to help put more fish in the boat. Click here for video.

8. Bass Worship the Preacher Jig, Tip from Pete Ponds

MLF pro Pete Ponds talks about how and when to use the preacher jig to catch more bass. Click here for video.

9. Boat Electronics Set-Up, Tips from Jacob Wheeler

MLF pro Jacob Wheeler demonstrates how he likes to set up Lowrance boat electronics. Click here for video.

10. Keeping the Salad off Horny Toad Baits, Tip from Gerald Swindle

MLF pro Gerald Swindle offers a redneck tip to help keep slime and grass off of baits. Click here for video.

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