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  • Adventure Bound
    News : Posted 05-18-2017

    Adventure Bound

    From Africa to Argentina, Europe to Russia, we're Adventure Bound this week on "The Revolution with Jim & Trav".

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  • Bass Pro and Cabela's Merger Under New Lower Price Terms
    News : Posted 04-24-2017

    Bass Pro and Cabela's Merger Under New Lower Price Terms

    Cabela's agreed to be bought by Bass Pro Shops for a lower price than agreed and would sell its bank unit in a two-step deal as it seeks regulatory clearance.

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  • The King of Spring
    News : Posted 04-20-2017

    The King of Spring

    Whether you're hoping to score your first Grand Slam, Royal Slam or World Slam, we've got the octane boost your hunting game needs to nab the official King of Spring.

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  • 5 Bowhunting World Records Declared at P&Y Convention
    News : Posted 04-19-2017

    5 Bowhunting World Records Declared at P&Y Convention

    The huge bowhunting harvests include new world record marks for typical mule deer, typical American elk, Shiras moose, desert bighorn sheep and typical Coues deer.

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  • Hog Wild
    News : Posted 04-13-2017

    Hog Wild

    We're going Hog Wild with savvy hunting tips that'll help you bring home the bacon.

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  • The Beasts of Spring: Bear Hunting
    News : Posted 03-30-2017

    The Beasts of Spring: Bear Hunting

    Now is the time to gear up for spring bear. Yes, after months on end of weather induced torpor, these magnificent beasts of spring are awakened by longer days and a rising barometer, and it's nearly time for us hunters to head afield and pursue them.

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  • Field to Fork
    News : Posted 03-16-2017

    Field to Fork

    Wild game is an excellent source of all-natural protein that's pesticide and antibiotic free. Plus, it's leaner and contains less saturated fat compared to traditional store bought meats. Sure, the nutritional facts alone are reason enough to eat more wild game.

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  • 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo for Hunting
    News : Posted 03-10-2017

    6.5 Creedmoor Ammo for Hunting

    The 6.5 Creedmoor rifle cartridge is a great choice for hunters looking for mild recoil, long-range accuracy; here's a list of available ammunition

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  • Turkey Time
    News : Posted 03-09-2017

    Turkey Time

    Turkeys live in a constant state of fear and are, by and large, the most paranoid birds to ever exist, but not without good reason. To fool a spring gobbler into shooting range in the coming weeks won't be easy if you don't do your homework, because turkey hunting success is all too often found in pre-season scouting.

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  • Worldwide Outdoor Adventures
    News : Posted 03-02-2017

    Worldwide Outdoor Adventures

    Beautifully diverse cultures, bountiful wild game, breathtaking landscapes, endless public access, it all awaits courageous outdoorsmen and women that aren't limited by imagination or a willingness to travel abroad.

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