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  • Bird Fever
    News : Posted 12-28-2017

    Bird Fever

    Get your bird dog ready and break out that blaze orange, dust off those decoys and do some scouting – we're upland and waterfowl hunting this week. Take a brief hiatus from the big game hunting action and join the millions of bird hunters across the country pursuing pheasants, ducks, geese and more.

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  • The Late Season Push
    News : Posted 12-21-2017

    The Late Season Push

    Tune in to The Revolution this week as we seek out a panel of experts with late season hunting tips and knowledge to help you clench the win and end this season on a successful note.

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  • Adventure 2018: Ready, Set, Hunt
    News : Posted 12-14-2017

    Adventure 2018: Ready, Set, Hunt

    Find out about prime DIY hunting opportunities across the country, get the how-to's of applying for tags and listen in for advice from the pros like Steve West of “Steve's Outdoor Adventures”, Kevin Steele, publisher of "Petersen's Hunting" and Jeremy Mallette from Silencer Shop.

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  • Hunting for the Holidays
    News : Posted 12-07-2017

    Hunting for the Holidays

    Hurry up procrastinators, the holidays are almost here! Join "The Revolution" as we go 'Hunting for the Holidays,' and round up all the best hunting, shooting and outdoor gear gift ideas you'll need for the outdoorsman or woman in your life.

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  • After the Shot: Protein Throwdown
    News : Posted 11-30-2017

    After the Shot: Protein Throwdown

    Months of work have finally paid off – you've scouted, reviewed trail camera footage, spent endless hours in the field and as a result you have filled your tag. Congratulations hunter, but the work isn't done yet!

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  • Predator Week
    News : Posted 11-16-2017

    Predator Week

    Put your love for big game hunting on the back burner for a little while and instead, get ready to dive in to Predator Week on "The Revolution".

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  • Rut Ready
    News : Posted 11-09-2017

    Rut Ready

    The most anticipated moment of the deer hunting season is closing in on us, the rut. Bucks are cruising, does are entering estrus and the action is heating up for hunters.

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  • Archery & Muzzleloaders
    News : Posted 10-26-2017

    Archery & Muzzleloaders

    We're breaking down the fundamental basics of archery and muzzleloader hunting and how you can spend more days afield this year by mastering both of these disciplines.

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  • Expedition Elk
    News : Posted 10-19-2017

    Expedition Elk

    Success in the elk woods is the culmination of many aspects that all fell into place, perfectly.

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  • Guns & Deer
    News : Posted 10-12-2017

    Guns & Deer

    Don't give in to the October Lull deer hunters, because now is the time to be persistent in your pursuit of an October buck.

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