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Primos TRUTH About Hunting returns for its 19th season as an Outdoor Channel fan favorite. Join Will Primos, Jimmy Primos, Brad Farris and friends as they chase turkey, elk, deer, waterfowl and predators from hunting camps in Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas to points all over North America.

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Meet The Host(s)

  • /content/personalities/will-primos-218x123.jpg

    Will Primos

    Will Primos is Primos Hunting Calls founder, with a passion for game species hunting that began from an early age. Considered the more accurate & reliable calls on the market.

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    Jimmy Primos

    After graduating from Ole Miss, serving as a Marine Corps officer in Vietnam, and working as a business executive in New York, Jimmy Primos returned to his home state of Mississippi, joining his cousin Will to help him run "Primos Hunting."

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    Brad Farris

    Brad Farris has lived a hunter's dream, making a career out of the sport he's loved since childhood. Growing up in Mississippi, Brad could always be found hunting whatever was in season and fishing during the long summer months.

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