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The Fowl Life with Chad Belding follows host Chad Belding through America’s flyways in pursuit of meeting and connecting with the American Hunter. Chad continually learns that waterfowl hunting is the common denominator that brings him and so many friends, new and old, together each year. Viewers are welcomed into each part of the journey from the pre-season preparation, long road trips, tips and tactics, world-class duck and goose footage, and behind the scenes of duck and goose camps across the country.

Mother nature truly is the backdrop of The Fowl Life with Chad Belding and each and every episode is directed towards showing humility and admiration for her and all of her creatures the team hunts. Join Chad as he learns what it means to be an American Hunter, and all the walks of life that encompass it.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Chad Belding

    Pro-staffer, champion caller and host of "The Fowl Life with Chad Belding" on Outdoor Channel.

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