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Season five of THIRTEEN from Drury Outdoors follows veteran hunters Mark and Terry as they navigate the highs and lows of deer season’s 13 phases. Be there as Terry goes through a life changing hardship and watch as he comes back to the whitetail woods with a vengeance! Experience first-hand all the tips and tactics for deer hunters to maintain a healthy herd and harvest big game. Watch as Mother Nature presents new challenges throughout the thirteen phases and how our team combats those to capture some of the finest hunts Drury Outdoors has seen. THIRTEEN is an epic adventure through the deer season that you will not want to miss!

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Terry Drury

    A motivation for ethical hunting and safety, Drury Outdoors creator Terry Drury along with his brother Mark, host various Outdoor Channel shows, including "BioLogic & Drury Outdoors Wildlife Obsession," "Bow Madness," "Dream Season: The Journey," & King Of The Spring."

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    Mark Drury

    Mark holds six different world titles in his more than 150 wins. Co-host of "Bow Madness" on Outdoor Channel.

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    Matt Drury

    From an early age he watched as his father, Terry, and Uncle Mark grew the company from the ground up. Appearing in several of the original videos as a kid he received a firsthand knowledge of what it took to produce a video.

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    Taylor Drury

    After over a decade of success as an archery and gun hunter, Taylor was made a cast member on the television sensation, “Bow Madness”.

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    Jim Thome

    Jim has been a long time regular on the Drury Outdoors DVDs and TV shows over the past decade. With a love of baseball and hunting, he and the DOD Team fit together perfectly in personality traits!

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    Gary Levox

    Gary's love for everything hunting and outdoors has been present his entire life. He's most widely recognized as the lead singer of Rascal Flatts.

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