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In a land formed by volcanoes and earthquakes, Chris and Casey Keefer are pushed to the limit when they're dropped with little more than the clothes on their back into the rugged backcountry of New Zealand. Starting with no map, no food, no shelter and no supplies, the brothers must live off the land and work together to find the few vital caches of modern equipment that will aid their return to civilization. It's a true test of the hunter's skill to travel through these jagged mountains cut by raging whitewater to reach their extraction point on time. Dropped is a dangerous race of survival that takes the Keefer brothers from mountain man to modern outdoorsmen.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Casey Keefer

    Husband. Father. Thrill Seeker. Hunter. Casey Keefer can't unscramble a Rubik's Cube ... but man does he enjoy a good craft beer. He can't tell you how to #BeAlive ... but he can show you his version.

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    Chris Keefer

    Family man. Gym nut. Big brother. Hunter. When Chris Keefer is not chasing big game in Alaska, he is enjoying round of golf back home in Michigan.

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