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Just a couple of brothers filming their own hunts and outdoor experiences and sharing it with the world! It's their field away from Carson Wentz's field, where the only cameras are those in the hands of Carson or his brother, Zach Wentz. And for the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Wentz Bros Outdoors provides a glimpse into his life away from football. The details are numerous, from Carson putting on camouflage eye paint to the group, which includes their father Doug Wentz, setting out decoys and sitting in a bunker waiting for a large flock of birds to fly overhead. The camera even follows Carson's dog as it retrieves birds. It's a fascinating inside look into the life of a national sports star.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Carson Wentz

    Long before Carson was the #2 overall pick by the Philadelphia Eagles and the two-time FCS title game MVP, Carson was raised in the small state of North Dakota.

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    Zach Wentz

    Zach Wentz grew up in Bismarck as the older, more athletic brother of his younger sibling, Carson.

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