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Wild Boar Fever brings Europe’s most exciting and challenging style of hunting to American audiences for the first time. Driven boar hunting is the most popular form of hunting across Europe, and only Wild Boar Fever gives viewers the chance to see some of the finest rifle shots in the world hunting Europe’s favorite game animal. Join sportsman and conservationist, Franz-Albrecht Oettingen-Spielberg and others for the very best driven boar hunts in Croatia, Romania, Hungary and other countries obsessed with this dynamic and fast paced style of hunting. The shooting is challenging, the boar are fast and cunning, and the stakes are high. This, is Wild Boar Fever

Driven Hunt Experience by Aimpoint

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Meet The Host(s)

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    I'm Feliew, passionate about hunting since as long as I'm allowed to remember. I first organized my university courses (forestry technician and agricultural engineer) and now my professional life around hunting.

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    Frederic Hanner

    Frederic is a true wild boar aficionado. Having grown up in one of Germany┬┤s top wild boar regions, he learned all about this fascinating game and driven boar hunts from a young age.

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    Marco van Niekerk

    Marco van Niekerk is Chief Executive of Outdoor Investment Holdings, the owners and operators of the largest outdoor, hunting and firearm related retail and wholesale businesses in Africa.

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    Neil Davies

    Neil originally comes from a military background, serving as both as an enlisted man and as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps.

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