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About the Show

Booger Bottom USA follows Michael Waddell, charismatic host of the wildly popular hunting show Bone Collector, in his unpredictable and crazy life in Booger Bottom, GA. Michael tries to manage his pecan farm, run his TV show and deal with a host of other hilarious situations while trying to maintain a balance with his wife Christy and 5 kids. The show will be produced by 4-time Emmy award winner Tim Cremin.

Michael is a man pulled in 10 different directions every day by his family, business, community and friends. He handles it all with his trademark smile while his authenticity and sincerity shine through brightly. The show will be extremely popular with the existing “Bone Collector” audience as well as the non-hunting crowd.

Michael and his father “Papa” Waddell have a special bond on and off screen. Booger Bottom, USA is definitely a special place to live!

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