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America’s Most Watched Firearms Reporter, Jim Scoutten, has been on the beat for 24 years, reporting the stories of the shooting sports and firearms industry. No other media reaches more firearms fans and consumers, with more than 1,000 shows on three national networks and 500 million viewer impressions. Shooting USA delivers what the gun sports audience wants. Jim and John Scoutten report the World and National Championships from every discipline, profile Professional Athletes, reveal New Products and Insider Reports, and look back at some of History’s Guns.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Jim Scoutten

    When it comes to covering the shooting sports industry, Jim Scoutten is known as one of the leading experts due to his journalistic integrity and his passion for quality outdoor programming.

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    John Scoutten

    John utilizes his wide knowledge of firearms and the industry in his reporting, through testing new products and constantly improving his own shooting skills in matches across the country.

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